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What is the counterweight block of the tower crane?

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What is the counterweight block of the tower crane?

The application of counterweight block is very wide. In some  construction sites, we will often see the tower crane. The working principle of the tower crane is to maintain stability after lifting heavy objects through the balance of counterweight block and the toughness of the metal structure of the tower body. In general, it is the balance of the arm weight, lifting the heavy objects before tilting to the arm.Therefore, the counterweight block can not be more or less, must be configured according to the weight of the instructions.

tungsten weight - 1

Each counterweight block is marked on the weight, to prevent the use of error, counterweight block have been marked the weight and model when casting, a good counterweight block are wrapped angle, to prevent collision damage.The counterweight block should be marked and painted with warning color (yellow and black, which is very important in group tower operation). The hole left by the arm reduction should be protected. It is best to combine the counterweight block as a whole to reduce shaking and displacement.

Counterweight block is one of the main products of Changsha Jingxin. Compared with other steel products, the hard alloy counterweight block is more corrosion resistant and oxidation resistant, with long service life and guaranteed quality.

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