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What is Tungsten Ball?

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What isTungsten Ball?

Tungsten alloy is a kind of environmental protection alloy, its main components are tungsten, nickel, iron and other metal elements, the production process will not produce toxic substances, in the use of the process will not cause radioactive pollution, and tungsten alloy has the ability to resist radiation, so tungsten alloy has replaced lead in some areas. Tungsten alloy balls are often used in the military field for shotguns, prefabricated fragments, armor piercing projectiles and so on.

2mm tungsten ball

Tungsten alloy balls are also used in shotguns. Shotgun is a hunting weapon, usually a shotgun. The shotgun barrel has a large caliber, and the bullets are shot out of the barrel and scattered into small balls. The power generated by gunpowder acts on each ball. In the past, old lead pellets were used. Metal lead is toxic, and excessive consumption of lead prey will cause certain injury or even death. If tungsten ball bullets were used, there would be no such toxic contamination. Tungsten alloy ball ball is a kind of lead-free ammunition, high hardness, high temperature resistance, environmental protection, has become the most popular hunting gun ball in the eyes of hunters.

tungsten ball size

Tungsten balls have a high density, small size and large mass, and they have a high impact momentum when fired from the barrel. Zhuzhou Jinxin provides high quality tungsten alloy ball products, can provide a variety of sizes, different surface treatment of high density tungsten alloy ball. Meet your various needs.

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