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What are the general principles of using CNC tools?

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What are the general principles of using CNC tools?

In the economic CNC machine tool machining process, in the tool sharpening, measurement and replacement is mostly manual, taking up a long time of auxiliary time, so it is necessary to rationalize the order of tool arrangement. Usually the following principles should be followed.

1. Reduce the number of  tools as much as possible

2. After tools clamping, all machining steps that can be performed should be completed

3. Even if the same size and specification of the inserts, rough and finish machining should be used separately

4. Milling first, then drilling

5. Surface finishing first, followed by two-dimensional profile finishing

6. As far as possible to use the automatic tool change function of CNC machine tools to improve productivity, etc.

The use of CNC tools in accordance with the above principles, can reasonably reduce the working hours. If you need to purchase CNC tools, you can choose Zhuzhou Jinxin, Zhuzhou Jinxin's  brand CNC tools are famous in the world industry, with guaranteed quality and good pre-sales and after-sales service.

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