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Using Points For Tungsten Carbide Brazing Tips

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Using Points For Tungsten Carbide Brazing Tips

Cemented carbide brazing tips(welding blade) is a common metal cutting tool blade used in cutting machine tools. It is generally used in turning tool and milling cutter.

There is nine use points of cemented carbide welding blade:

1, welding cutting tool structure should have enough rigidity is the maximum allowable size, and the use of high strength steel and heat treatment to ensure.

2. The cemented carbide welding blade should have enough fixed firmness, which is guaranteed by the knife slot and welding quality. Therefore, the shape of the insert slot should be selected according to the shape of the blade and the geometrical parameters of the tool.

3. Before welding the blade to the knife bar, the blade and the knife bar should be checked, first of all, the supporting surface of the blade should not be severely bent.The cemented carbide welding surface shall not have serious carburizing layer, and the dirt in the cemented carbide blade surface and tool bar insert groove shall be removed to ensure the welding is firm.

4, in order to ensure the welding strength, should choose the appropriate solder.In the welding process, should ensure good wetting and fluidity, and eliminate bubbles, so that the welding and alloy welding surface full contact, no welding phenomenon.

5, the correct choice of welding flux, it is recommended to use industrial borax, should be dehydrated in the drying oven before use, and then ground, sieve removal of mechanical debris, for use.

6. Choose mesh compensation gasket. In order to reduce welding stress, it is recommended to use thin slices with thickness of 0.2-0.5mm or mesh diameter of 2-3mm when welding fine particles alloy with high titanium and low cobalt and long and thin alloy blades.

7, the correct use of grinding method: because the carbide blade brittle, crack formation sensitivity is strong, so the tool in the grinding process should avoid overheating or rapid cooling, but also choose appropriate particle size grinding wheel and reasonable grinding process, to avoid grinding cracks, affecting the service life of the tool.

8, when installing the tool, the length of the tool head out of the tool rest should be as small as possible, otherwise, it is easy to cause the tool vibration, so as to damage the alloy sheet.

9, correct regrinding, grinding tool: tool use to reach the normal blunt, must be regrinding, regrinding tool, must be used to grind the edge and tip fillet, it will improve the tool life and safety and reliability.

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