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Tungsten Carbide Type A Cylindrical Rotary Burrs

Cemented carbide rotary file, also known as cemented carbide high-speed assorted milling cutter, cemented carbide die milling cutter, etc., is used together with a high-speed electric grinder or pneumatic tool. It can finish machining all kinds of metal mold cavity; clean up the flash, burr and weld of casting, forging and welding parts; process the chamfering, rounding, groove and keyway of all kinds of mechanical parts; polish the impeller flow passage part; clean up the pipe; finish machining the inner hole surface of mechanical parts; all kinds of metal and non-metal process carving, etc.


  • Type A
  • Jinxin

Product Description



Rotary File Category Chart  

JINXIN carbide burrs with great performance


Fast delivery        

JINXIN using advanced equipment that purchased from      Europe, we had build a automatic manufacture chain.        

We have bulk of quantity store for the standard type of      tungsten carbide rotary burrs, it can be delivered in 5 days after ordered.        



JINXIN using high technical equipment have the capacity ensure all products in high precision standard.        

Customized precision requirements is acceptable.        


Cut type        

Except standard singel cut, double cut, aluminium cut, we can aslo make other cut for different workpiece materials.        

Our technician able to offer recommendation for all material suitable cutting.        


Metric and Inch Size        

We can supply both metric and inch size carbide rotary burrs for our customers. It is selectable according to different use requirements.        

Please tell us your detail requirements before order.        

Company Profile  



Tungsten carbide rotary burr is an effective way to realize merchanization in hand work operations, in the industries of airplane,ship building,automobile, machinery , chemistry, dental, etc. Cemented arbide rotary burrs can be widely used in maching iron,steel casting, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper aluminium , etc.

1. Material: 100% virgin raw material with submicron grain size;
2. Grade: Various grades for choice;
3. Advanced production equipments and testing equipments
4. Precision Ground and polished;
5. High wear resistance,high hardness and impact toughness;
6. Samples & small orders are acceptable.


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