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Tips for Installing Tire Studs

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Tire studs is the necessary and favourate items for people who may be drivingon snow road, mud road, and other road in bad conditions, because many people especially want to tire anti-skid at this time, but also feel that the skid chain is heavy, occupy space, not convenient to carry, then tire studs which is easy to install and disassembly become the best choice.

In particular, people living in higher latitudes, winter and snow days are particularly long, no one will not install antislip studs on tire, because with studded tires the car will not slip into the snow. If everyone is driving on snow or ice in winter, no one will hesitate to put on studs. 

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You can do this yourself with a few simple tools. First, use an oil marker on the tire to mark where the studs need to be installed. If you don't use an oil marker, you can also use the intersection of the tire lines. After selecting the position, begin to use a professional gun to hit the studs.

When you need to drive on normal roads, tires with studs make a lot of noise, and some parking lots have posted signs banning cars with studs. At this time you need to remove the studs, keep them, can be reused next time.

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