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The application scope of tungsten carbide ball

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 The application scope of tungsten carbide ball

Tungsten carbide balls have a lot of different application such as: precision bearings, instruments, instrumentation, pen, spray machine, water pump, mechanical accessories, sealing valve, brake pump, punching hole, oil field, hydrochloric acid laboratory, hardness measuring instrument, fishing gear, counterweight, decoration, finishing machining and other high-end industries.

The application field of tungsten steel ball is very extensive, so the process requirements are high. Carbide ball is one of the main products of zhuzhou jinxin, according to the national carbide standard specification, through special craft processing, hardness and wear resistance even exceed the national standard, meet and exceed the European and American standards, in strict accordance with the production practice to operate equipment, observe the production process documents, equipment operating procedures, the product quality standard procedure.

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