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Proper maintenance of carbide milling cutters

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Proper maintenance of carbide milling cutters

If the axis of the carbide milling cutter coincides with or is close to the edge line of the workpiece, a serious situation will arise and the operator will have to maintain the equipment accordingly.

1. Check the power and stiffness of the machine tool to ensure that the required milling cutter diameter can be used on the machine.

2.The overhang of the tool on the spindle should be as short as possible to reduce the impact load on the milling tool axis and workpiece position.

3. Use the correct tooth pitch for the process to ensure that not too many inserts engage the workpiece at the same time and cause vibration when cutting, and on the other hand, ensure that there are enough inserts and workpieces engaged when milling narrow workpieces or milling cavities.

4. Ensure that the feed per insert is used to obtain the correct cut when the chip is thick enough to reduce tool wear. Use indexable inserts with a positive leading edge groove shape to achieve a smooth cut and low power consumption.

5. Choose a milling cutter diameter that is suitable for the width of the workpiece.

6. Choose the correct main offset angle.

7. Place the milling cutter correctly.

8. Use cutting fluid only when necessary.

9. Follow tool maintenance and repair rules and monitor tool wear.

The above is about the correct maintenance methods of carbide milling cutter correct maintenance methods, Zhuzhou Jinxin professional production of carbide milling cutter, welcome to come to consult us.


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