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How to choose the carbide cutting tools?

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How to choose the carbide cutting  tools?

If you have a need for carbide tools, then must have wondered how to choose carbide tools, choose a suitable carbide tool is very important, but also a more difficult stage, Zhuzhou Jinxin give you tips to solve your troubles!

Firstly, according to the practical scene to choose the carbide grade, for example: woodworking tools should choose the toughness of the YG class carbide. But there are coarse particles, fine particles and general particles in YG class, when the composition is the same, the strength of coarse particles alloy is high while the hardness and wear resistance is slightly reduced. Fine grain alloy can improve hardness and increase wear resistance without any significant decrease in strength. So you have to choose according to your actual situation.

Secondly, the choice of wedge angle needs to be chosen reasonably according to its grade and the cutting conditions such as the material to be machined and feed speed.

Thirdly, after choosing the grade of carbide correctly, you also need to choose the model of carbide products reasonably.

The above is about the carbide tool need to pay attention to matters, have learned these tips? If you  can not remember it does not matter, attention Zhuzhou Jinxin website,  there is more knowledge that  you could see!

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