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How Carbide Balls Used For Hardness Testing?

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How Carbide Balls Used For Hardness Testing?

Tungsten carbide balls could be used for brinell hardness test methods.  Hardness is a measure of a product's ability to resist deformation, indentation, or scratches.  In general, the harder the material, the better its wear resistance, carbide products must have a certain hardness, to ensure adequate wear resistance and service life.  

Changsha Jingxin focus on the production and processing of cemented carbide, can be customized to figure, the use of diversified production lines, modern workshop, professional testing center, production and testing integration.  After the product comes out, we can provide the test report to you by informing the demand in advance.  

In brinell hardness test, the hard alloy ball is the indenter, the hard alloy ball applied test force F, the sample pressure, promote the carbide ball indenter left by the concave diameter D (mm) calculated in the hard alloy ball indenter and the specimen contact area S(mm2), in addition to the test force and the value obtained.  Carbide ball indenter is HBW.  K is a constant (1/g= 1/9.80665 = 0.102).  


The use of carbide ball is very wide, if you are not sure whether your industry can use carbide ball instead of other materials currently used ball, you can consult our customer manager, to give you satisfactory pre-sale and after-sales service.  

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