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Classification of CNC tools

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Classification of CNC tools

In CNC machining, the selection of cutting tools and the determination of the cutting amount is carried out in the state of human-machine interaction, and ordinary machine tool processing is different, CNC machining will require programmers must master the basic principles of tool selection and cutting amount determination, in programming fully consider the characteristics of CNC machining, to be able to correctly select the tool and cutting amount. There are many kinds of classification of CNC tools.

CNC tools can be classified according to the structure of the tool: integral, welded, machine-clamped, special. Integral tool is one piece, manufactured from a blank material, not split; welding type is connected by welding method; clip type is divided into non-translocatable and transposable two, usually CNC tools using the machine clip type; special type has a composite tool, shock-absorbing tool.

CNC tools can be divided according to the material used in the tool: high-speed steel tools, carbide tools, ceramic tools, ultra-high pressure sintered body tools.

CNC tools can be divided into: turning tools, drilling tools, boring tools, milling tools according to the way the tools are processed. Turning tools are divided into external, internal, thread, grooving, cutting tools, etc.; drilling tools include drills, taps, reamers, etc.; milling tools include face milling cutters, end mills, three-sided edge milling cutters, etc.

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