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Christmas and Birthday Party for Changsha Jingxin

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When December coming, we begin to look forward to snow.

Looking forward to Christmas, looking forward to the collective birthday party.

Fun party, double fun.


There is no Such thing as Santa Claus  

All gifts and surprises come from people who love you  

When Christmas meets a birthday party  

Full of food  

Colorful balloons  

Jingxin let you know  

You want more happiness than a birthday  


Blind birthday box to hang on the Christmas tree  

Unique way, full of surprises  

Life needs a sense of ritual  

A sense of ritual is a light in the monotony of life  

In the warmth of Christmas and birthdays  

Changsha Jingxin in the name of love, make you more happier


When the happy birthday song starts  

When everyone's smiling face  

Sing birthday songs to each other  

Feeling the joy of each other  

Happy birthday, happy Christmas, family  


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