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Categories of carbide tools

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Categories of carbide tools

The cutting properties of the tool material are related to the durability and productivity of the tool, and the craftsmanship of the tool material affects the quality of the manufacture and grinding of the tool itself. As cemented carbide has better heat and wear resistance than HSS, tools made of cemented carbide material are more suitable for cutting.

Carbide tools are also available in a wide range of models mainly divided into the following categories.

1. Integral carbide tools

Twist drills, milling cutters, reamers, boring cutters, milling cutter blades, ball end mills, saw blade milling cutters, tapered milling cutters, smooth face plug gauges, round bars and step drills.

2.Alloyed tools

Includes reamers, spiral end mills, drilling and reaming cutters, automotive wheel cutters, triple edged, T-shaped milling cutters and various forming cutters.

3.Indexable tools

Including carbide indexable end mills, indexable face mills, indexable dovetail mills and indexable triple edges.

4.High speed steel tools

Including HSS profile milling cutters, left-handed drills, spherical milling cutters, cobalt HSS tools and various non-standard profile HSS tools.

5. Industry-specific tools

Including special knives for the automotive industry, special knives for the mobilizer industry, special knives for the sewing machine industry, special knives for the mould industry, special knives for the spinning machine industry and special knives for the printed circuit board industry.

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