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Carbide Rods Centerless Grinding

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Carbide Rods Centerless Grinding

Zhuzhou Jinxin professional cemented carbide rods deep processing has more than 20 years experience, advanced equipment, high precision, high efficiency and high stability, What is the characteristics of zhuzhou carbide bar centerless grinding?

1. High rigid body structure

(1) The body is made of high grade Meehanna cast iron, which is processed after stewing and aging treatment.

(2) The slide rail is treated by high frequency hardening and precision grinding.The body material is stable, no deformation, excellent wear resistance.

2. Precision spindle

(1) Grinding wheel spindle and adjusting wheel spindle are made of high ni-cr alloy steel (SNCM-220).After normalization, carburizing hardening and other multiple heat treatment.After special sub-zero cryogenic treatment, and precision grinding, precision machining.

(2) Spindle internal quenching and tempering hardness HRC 25°~30°.Surface hardness up to HRC 62° or more.Spindle resistance to heavy cutting and precision grinding, strong torque, durable, no deformation, wear resistance.

3. The sliding table

(1) The rotation Angle of the upper skateboard is easy, fast and accurate.It is suitable to stop grinding and adjust the diameter of front and back parts.Use stop grinding to grind the slope workpiece.

(2) Provide adjustment of the contact surface between workpiece and grinding wheel during grinding.

(3) Upper slide slide is designed as dovetail groove.The feed is light and accurate, and adopts centralized lubrication.

(4) The lower slide adopts Λ -type slide rails and double wedge type secondary rails. The double Λ -type slide rails are treated with high frequency hardening, precision grinding, and can prevent mud from entering. The structure is light and accurate. Fine-tuning feed device, minimum feed 0.001mm, can meet the needs of various workpiece tolerance.


Tungsten carbide rods could be applied to CNC cutting tools such as carbide endmill, welcome to consult.

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