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Application of Tungsten Copper Rods And Tubes

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Application of Tungsten Copper Rods And Tubes

Tungsten copper alloy rods have solid rods and hollow tubes. In fact, hollow tubes are also called tungsten copper tubes. Tungsten copper rods and tungsten copper tubes are prepared by powder metallurgy method. The copper in tungsten-copper alloy rods and tungsten-copper alloy tubes will be liquefied and evaporated. The evaporation process will absorb a lot of heat and reduce the surface temperature of the material. So the tungsten-copper alloy is also called sweat material.

Tungsten copper is a composite material made of high purity tungsten powder with excellent metal characteristics and high purity copper powder with advantages such as plasticity and high conductivity. It is refined by the process of static pressing, high temperature sintering and copper melting. Therefore, the tungsten-copper alloy rod and tungsten-copper alloy tube made of tungsten-copper have good arc breaking performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good conduction and thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion, non-softening at high temperature, high strength, high density and high hardness.

tungsten copper tube                 tungsten copper rods

Tungsten-copper alloy rods and tungsten-copper alloy tubes are widely used in hard alloys and insoluble metals. Tungsten-copper alloy rods and tungsten-copper alloy tubes are suitable for all kinds of machining. In the machining industry, the application of tungsten copper alloy rod and tungsten copper alloy tube has played a great role. At the same time, the tungsten-copper alloy can be produced and processed according to the requirements of users.

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