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Usage of Tungsten Carbide Flow Control Valves

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Tungsten carbide flow control valves can play a role in controlling the flow of fluid, generally speaking, when the pressure difference of the flow control valve is fixed, the size of the opening affects the change of liquid flow. In simple terms, the main role of the throttle valve is three points:

1.The role of interception and speed regulation

The flow control valve changes the flow rate by controlling the throttle section or length, which is the main role of the flow control valve and its main function.

2. Play the role of load resistance

The flow control valve can also play a certain degree of load, which is only part of the function of the flow control valve, and the main role of the flow control valve is still to regulate the speed of the throttle.

3. The role of pressure buffering

The flow control valve can act as a pressure buffer for the fluid, when the fluid flows through the throttle valve, the throttle valve can hinder the operation of the fluid to a certain extent and reduce the impact force.  

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