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Tungtsne Carbide Milling Cutter End Mill for Aluminium Machining

End mills are mainly used on vertical milling machines to process grooves and terraces, and they can also be used to process shaped surfaces. Used for processing grooves and stepped surfaces, etc.
It is made of micro-particle tungsten steel base material, which has higher wear resistance and strength. It belongs to the exclusive milling cutter for high-strength high-speed cutting applications.
Advantage :Sharp cutting edge, smooth drainage
  • HRC45 3 Flutes
  • Standard HRC45 3 flutes end mill
  • HRC45 3 Flutes

Product Description

 HRC45  3 Flutes black Coated Solid Carbide Extra Long Length Square Cutter End Mill 

Carbide end mill are powder metallurgy products, sintered in vacuum furnace and hydrogen reduction furnace with high hardness refractory metals WC, TiC, micron powder as the main components and Co, Ni, Mo as the binder, mainly used for millingAnchor icon metal.

JinXin offers a variety of materials and cost-effective end mill products (including solid carbide end mill bits, DLC coating end mill, high-speed steel milling bit) to provide efficient and cost-controlled metal cutting solutions. Our technicians can provide you with technical support, including the selection of end mills crafts, improve efficiency life, and all non-standard technical solutions, to complete a one-stop service for you.

Solid Carbide Milling Cutter CNC End Mill Cutting Tools 

Carbide end mill cutters advantage:

1. 100% Virgin raw material

2. With production experience over 10 years

3. Advanced production equipment

4. The cutter is a tool equipment with a stronger hardness and longer-life to use which is widely used in the line of machinery like the CNC lathe,has a quite strong hardness to work and it can speed the application of machinery and enhance the efficiency.


Place of Origin: ZhuZhou,China                                           Brand Name:JinXin

Model Number: HRC45 3 Flutes                                          Material:Carbide

Coating:TiAIN, Tin, AlTiAiN Coating                                     Product Name:Carbide End mill

HRC:45                                                                                  Flute:3 flute

Suitable for:copper, stainless steel, alloy steel, tool steel    Application:  Milling Machining

Controlling Mode:CNC Tooling System                               Shipment:DHL.TNT.UPS.FEDEX.EMS

Customized support: OEM, ODM


All detailed parameters of the product

HRC 45 3 flutes End Mill

NO. Model D1(mm) L1(mm) D(mm) L(mm)
1 D1*4*D14*50L 1 4 4 50
2 D1*12*D4*75L 4 12 4 75
3 D1*20*D4*100L 4 20 4 100
4 D1*15*D6*50L 6 15 6 50
5 D1*24*D6*75L 6 24 6 75
6 D1*30*D6*100L 6 30 6 100
7 D1*20*D8*60L 8 20 8 60
8 D1*30*D8*75L 8 30 8 75
9 D1*35*D8*100L 8 35 8 100
10 D1*26*D10*75L 10 25 10 75
11 D1*40*D10*100L 10 40 10 100
12 D1*30*D12*75L 12 30 12 75
13 D1*40*D12*100L 12 40 12 100
14 D1*40*D14*100L 14 40 14 100
15 D1*16*D16*100L 16 40 16 100
16 D1*45*D18*100L 18 45 18 100
17 D1*45*D20*100L 20 45 20 100
18 D1*45*D6*150L 6 45 6 150
19 D1*50*D8*150L 8 50 8 150
20 D1*60*D10*150L 10 60 10 150
21 D1*60*D12*150L 12 60 12 150
22 D1*70*D14*150L 14 70 14 150
23 D1*70*D16*150L 16 70 16 150
24 D1*70*D18*150L 18 70 18 150
25 D1*70*D20*150L 20 70 20 150

Product Details

Standard HRC45 3 flutes end mill

Standard HRC45 3 flutes end mill

Common Question


of the 
milling cutter
If the feed speed is too fast,
 the speed is too slow
Reduce the feed speed or increase the speed,
the normal speed of the engraving machine
should be more than 20000 rpm.
Too much cutting
reduce the amount of cutting
The tool extends too
 long and the clamping part is too few
Minimize the protruding part as much as
possible to ensure that the
clamping part is more than 4 times the handle
The cutting edge is severely wornChange the tool and regrind, or reduce the cutting speed
The fixture accuracy is too poorreplace the fixture
Spindle or fixture is looseadjust the spindle or fixture
The processing surface is complicated
 and there are too many dead angles
Adjust cutting parameters, programming mode
The workpiece is not stableimprove the fixture to ensure
that the workpiece is stable
Poor chip evacuation
and serious chip staining
Re-select the tool model and change the cooling method
The blade is easy to crack-the feed
speed is too fast
The feed speed is too fast,
the cutting edge is too sharp or the tip angle is too sharp
Reduce the feed speed and chamfer
with a steel file to make the
cutting edge dull
The accuracy of the chuck is too
poor or the installation is poor
Replace the chuck, or
clean up debris in the chuck
The rigidity of the fixture is
too poor, and the grasping force is not enough.
Reduce cutting parameters
The shape of the workpiece is
complicated, and there are too
 many dead angles
Change low cutting parameters
and change method
The installation of
the workpiece is unstable
Improve tooling and fixtures
to ensure that the workpiece is stable
The cutting direction is incorrectClimbing milling is generally used
There are impurities in the material
Pay attention to material and cutting speed
The blade
 is easy to wear
The rotation speed is too
fast or the feed speed is too slow
Reduce the number of revolutions
or increase the feed rate
The accuracy of the spindle or
fixture is not high
Adjust the spindle accuracy or
 replace the fixture
Poor chip evacuation and
sticky chips on the cutting edge
Choose the right tool model
to improve the chip removal method
The workpiece material is unknown
and the tool model is incorrectly selected
Determine the material,
select the corresponding model
The cutting fluid is not selected correctlychoose the correct cutting fluid
The cutting direction is incorrectchoose the down milling method
surface finish
The feed rate is too fast
or the speed is too slow
Low feed rate or increase speed
The tool wear is severeChange tool
The accuracy of the tool
is not high after grinding
New props are recommended for finishing
Excessive accumulation of cutting chipsClear cutting chips and change the cooling method
There is no cutting cooling deviceUse correct and necessary cooling devices (such as water cooling, etc.)
The tool vibrates greatlyChoose high-rigidity, high-precision, strong gripping fixtures, and minimize the tool extension length
Can not achieve the desired effectIt will be better to choose a tool with a larger diameter or a good engraving machine


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