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Negative Angle Turning Inserts TNMG220412-GH

CNC milling inserts are used on the milling machine for the processing of various kinds of materials such as cas iron,steel,stainlesssteel,nonferrous metal etc. There are conventional milling inserts and CNC milling insertsfor different milling machines. Milling inserts come in different type and grade for different purpose.
  • TNMG220412-GH
  • Negative Angle Turning Inserts
  • TNMG220412-GH

Product Description

Negative Angle Turning Inserts TNMG220412-GH

Today, carbide inserts are produced in different classifications to offer reliable, consistent performance for various materials or applications. Carbide inserts are particularly appropriate when wear is an issue. The exceptional hardness and stability of tungsten carbide allows machining to meet very exacting tolerances while at the same time minimizing equipment wear. Plus, carbide inserts are more resistant to abrasion at high or low temperatures, ensuring cost-effective performance over the lifetime of the insert.



1.Indexable cnc turning inserts are suitable for machining steel.

2.Indexable cnc turning inserts have a wide range of products for cutting,milling and threading.

3.Stability and security of Indexable cnc turning inserts  are in productive turning.

4.ISO & ANSI application area.

5.We have a large stock of Indexable cnc turning inserts in our storehouse and welcome your order.

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Negative Angle Turning Inserts SNMG120412-GH

Negative Angle Turning Inserts TNMG220412-GH

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Negative Angle Turning Inserts TNMG220412-GH

Negative Angle Turning Inserts TNMG220412-GH


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