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  • Tungsten Alloy TSS Ball for Shotgun


    Tungsten tss ball are also used in shotguns. Shotgun is a hunting weapon, usually a shotgun. The shotgun barrel has a large caliber, and the bullets are shot out of the barrel and scattered into small balls. The power generated by gunpowder acts on each ball. In the past, old lead pellets were used. Metal lead is toxic, and excessive consumption of lead prey will cause certain injury or even death. If tungsten alloy ball bullets were used, there would be no such toxic contamination. Tungsten alloy ball ball is a kind of lead-free ammunition, high hardness, high temperature resistance, environmental protection, has become the most popular hunting gun ball in the eyes of hunters. Read More

  • What Is the ​Main Products for Tungsten Alloy?


    Tungsten alloy products is used in different field, the main products is as below: 1.Tungsten alloy fishing sinkers series: bullet type, teardrop type, round tube type, semi-drop type, cylindrical with hole type. Read More

  • What Is The Military Applications For Tungsten Alloy?


    Tungsten alloy is one of the important raw materials for new strategic weapons. With the development of military technology, the demand for tungsten alloy has become bigger and bigger, and tungsten alloy is widely used in the weapon club, for example, tungsten core ammunition is used in close defense guns, and inexpensive steel core ammunition is not used. Read More

  • What Are Tungsten alloy balls used for?


    Tungsten alloy ball is used for counterweight or lethal parts of tungsten alloy products, known as the smallest high-density ball in the field of tungsten alloy, which means that it can be used in many fields, such as small and high density fields, such as golf club ball, fishing counterweight, military defense balance force and so on. Read More

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