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  • Carbide Cutting Tools Used in CNC Machine


    Carbide cutting tool is a kind of superfine grain carbide products with tungsten carbide as the main raw material, with cobalt, yttrium and other metal elements or other refractory carbide powder as auxiliary materials, with high hardness, strength, toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent properties, so suitable for application in CNC machine tools. Read More

  • Production process of carbide inserts


    Production process of carbide inserts To make carbide inserts, firstly the tungsten oxide mixed with carbon and processed into tungsten carbide in a special furnace to form an extremely hard and fragile material. Then tungsten carbide is mixed with cobalt, which is essential to the properties of the cemented carbide. The more cobalt, the better the toughness of cemented carbide; On the contrary, the harder and wear-resistant. Read More

  • The production process of tungsten carbide inserts


    The production process of carbide inserts Tungsten carbide inserts, also known as cutter heads, are made from hard compounds of refractory metals and bonded metals through a powder metallurgical process, from powder to inserts, sounds unbelievable, Zhuzhou Jinxin takes you into the production process of cemented carbide inserts and unveils the mystery! Read More

  • What are the general principles of using CNC tools?


    If you have a need for carbide tools, then must have wondered how to choose carbide tools,​ choose a suitable carbide tool is very important, but also a more difficult stage, Zhuzhou Jinxin give you tips to solve your troubles! Read More

  • The key factors for selecting CNC cutting tools


    Tungsten carbide cutting tools are the most widely used cutting tools in the machining market, and such tools have significantly increased the productivity level of metal cutting processes, thus significantly reducing the manufacturing costs of everyday items. A variety of advanced coating processes Read More

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