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  • What Are Tungsten alloy balls used for?


    Tungsten alloy ball is used for counterweight or lethal parts of tungsten alloy products, known as the smallest high-density ball in the field of tungsten alloy, which means that it can be used in many fields, such as small and high density fields, such as golf club ball, fishing counterweight, military defense balance force and so on. Read More

  • What Is The Main Uses Of The Tungsten Alloy


    Tungsten Alloy generally are refractory metal, which have two-phase composits consist of W-Ni-Fe or W-Ni-Cu or even W-Ni-Cu-Fe. What is the main uses of tungsten alloy products? Read More

  • Using Points For Tungsten Carbide Brazing Tips


    Cemented carbide brazing tips(welding blade) is a common metal cutting tool blade used in cutting machine tools. It is generally used in turning tool and milling cutter. Read More

  • Application Of Tungsten Carbide Plates


    Different uses of tungsten carbide plate have different requirements for material and performance. We need choose the appropriate material grade when we use tungsten carbide plates. Zhuzhou Jinxin can provide carbide plate grade recommendation service, help you solve the difficulty, improve efficiency. Next let’s understand the application scope of tunsgten carbide plate. Read More

  • Carbide Rods Centerless Grinding


    Carbide Rods Centerless Grinding Zhuzhou Jinxin professional cemented carbide rods deep processing has more than 20 years experience, advanced equipment, high precision, high efficiency and high stability, What is the characteristics of zhuzhou carbide bar centerless grinding? Read More

  • Categories of carbide tools


    The cutting properties of the tool material are related to the durability and productivity of the tool, and the craftsmanship of the tool material affects the quality of the manufacture and grinding of the tool itself. As cemented carbide has better heat and wear resistance than HSS, tools made of cemented carbide material are more suitable for cutting. Carbide tools are also available in a wide range of models mainly divided into the following categories. Read More

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