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What are the properties of tungsten cobalt carbide studs?

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What are the properties of tungsten cobalt carbide studs?  

Cemented carbide studded roller has been widely used in cement industry raw material roller press.  Because of its stable production operation rate, long service life and other advantages, favored by the cement industry.  The studs used in roller press is tungsten cobalt carbide material, tungsten carbide (WC) as the matrix, cobalt (CO) as the bonding phase, made by powder metallurgy technology of high hardness, with high strength, good impact resistance wear resistant.  The hardness of tungsten carbide studs HRA is about 87, which can greatly improve the service life and working efficiency of roller press, and has high wear resistance.  

The main performance indexes of tungsten-cobalt carbide stud include hardness, bending strength, impact toughness, bending magnetism and so on.  Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the material, the better the wear resistance;  The higher the bending strength, the better the fatigue resistance;  The better the impact toughness of cemented carbide nail is, the better the fracture resistance is.  There are many factors that affect the performance indexes of tungsten-cobalt cemented carbides. For example, the higher the cobalt content, the higher the bending strength and impact toughness, and the relative hardness and bending strength will decrease accordingly.  

Therefore, the service life of roller press can be greatly increased only when the performance indexes of cemented carbide studs are selected in accordance with specific application conditions.  It is best to determine the ratio of raw materials according to the working conditions of cemented carbide stud.  

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