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What are the characteristics of tungsten carbide studs?

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What are the characteristics of tungsten carbide studs?  

Tungsten carbide studsare mainly used on roller presses. Compared with the traditional surfacing welding of the roll surface, the wear resistance of the roll surface is significantly improved and the service life of the roll face is enhanced.  Carbide studs products are mainly used in rock crushing industry roller press.  

Tungsten carbide studs product characteristics are: with high hardness, high strength and good impact resistance, can greatly improve the service life and work efficiency of roller press.  Compared with the original surfacing material, the service life of cemented carbide stud is increased by more than 10 times.  

HPGR studs

The carbide studs is made of tungsten cobalt cemented carbide sintered at high temperature, and the hardness is as high as HRC67. The biggest characteristic of the roller surface of the carbide suds is the self-generated lining plate. In the process of rotation of the roller, the gap between the studs and the studs is filled by the fine particles in the material, so as to form the material lining to protect the base material of the roller sleeve.  In the actual use of the material should ensure that there is a certain amount of moisture, which is more conducive to the formation of material lining.  

The advantages of tungsten carbide studs are good wear resistance, long disposable service life and less work for daily maintenance on the roll surface.  It saves effort and reduces business costs.

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