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What Are Tire Studs?

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What Are Tire Studs?

Tire Studs is also called snow spikes, it is small metallic spikes or protrusions fitted onto the tread, usually in the winter, to make driving on slippery roads easier. They come in different sizes and can be fitted depending on the tire's tread.

Tire studs usually composed of  studs pina and studs body. The stud pins are made of micro-grain tungsten carbide, featuring high hardness, wear, and low-temperature resistance. The stud body are made of high-class stainless steel or aluminum, successfully controlling the retention of the studs. 

We provide a wide range of snow tire studs to satisfy the traction needs of applications from hiking boots to haul trucks.

 We can also supply customized tire studs according to your sample or drawings.

If you want to learn more information about tire studs, just contact us.

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