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Tungsten alloy counterweights for steamships

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Tungsten alloy counterweights for steamships

Marine tungsten alloy counterweight is the ideal material for Marine counterweight. First of all, because of the environmental protection of tungsten alloy counterweight, it is very friendly to the water environment, but also because of its high density, easy machining, tensile strength and high hardness, so that the ship can maintain balance, more stable operation. Now, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of tungsten alloy counterweights.

The advantages of tungsten alloy counterweight block are:

1. Environmental protection, light pollution to the production environment;

2. The density is higher, the weight distribution is easier to control, and the volume of the prepared counterweight block is smaller;

3. High corrosion resistance and long service life.

Disadvantages of tungsten alloy counterweight block:

Material price relative zinc, iron, lead weight parts to be high.

The main raw material of tungsten alloy counterweight parts is tungsten, so the quality requirements of raw materials are very high. Zhuzhou Jinxin production and processing customization one-stop enterprise, the selection of raw materials is very strict, tungsten carbide, cobalt powder and other 100% (all) raw materials, do not need to recycle materials, and provide raw material report.

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