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Tungsten Carbide Inserts Tc Snow Plow Blade

Jingxin provide various sizes and configurations of tungsten carbide snowplow blades, if you want to learn more information about product or our company just contact me. thanks
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Product Description

1.Various sizes and configurations of tungsten carbide snowplow blades are available.

2.Made from the virgin raw materials and HIP/sintered, be of very high quality and excellent performances.

3.Unmatched wear resistant properties making this blade ideal for high speed highway or airport runway plowing.

4. Full range of types available, more convenient for you to purchase;

5. Produced with precision molds, the products have better dimensional accuracy and uniform;

6. Made of top-quality raw material, have more stable properties, easier to braze, also extend its service time.    

7. Bolt holes distance like 3”-3”-6”-6”-6”-6”-3”-3”

8. Main size: 3’*6”*7/8”, 4’*8”*7/8”, 4’*6”*7/8” and customized

We have different types you can choose as below:

We also accept customized, any thing just contact me. thanks

Jinxin snow plow blade (3)Jinxin snow plow blade (4)

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