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Tungsten Alloy Shield For Medical Use

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Tungsten Alloy Shield For Medical Use  

With the development of radiation therapy, it has become a common means of treatment in recent years. For example, radioactive equipment such as linear accelerator has been widely used. Although it brings hope to the treatment of patients, there are also radiation problems.  

In order to achieve perfect, reliable protection conditions, of the key parts of the equipment and the patient does not need to illuminate organs must use the X-ray materials of various shapes of block, after the test, professional and technical personnel at present tungsten alloy block is effective, from now on tungsten alloy shielding a morphing into a new type of medical radiation shielding material, high density tungsten alloy has many advantages,  Good corrosion resistance;  Low toxicity, lead free;  Compared with lead, radiation attenuation performance is better;  It has higher mechanical properties than lead, so it is more resistant to damage;  Can be machined into complex geometric shapes;  Its high hardness, strength and good ductility make it more durable than lead.  

Tungsten alloy shielding parts are made of "high density alloy" - mainly tungsten as the main body, adding a small amount of nickel, cobalt and other elements, high density, strong hardness, environmental protection, non-toxic, radiation resistance, such excellent performance, so that the high proportion of tungsten alloy shielding parts in the medical field has a wide range of applications.  Zhuzhou Jinxin can design and produce tungsten alloy shielding parts of special specifications and high quality according to different needs and specific scenes, to prepare different product characteristics, customized requirements, and solve enterprise troubles.  

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