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High density tungsten blocks for crane balancing

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High density tungsten blocks for crane balancing

The crane, also known as a hoist, requires a counterweight block for its operation. It is mainly composed of two parts: the former consists of a motor, reducer, clutch, brake, rope, wire rope, etc., and the bracket part consists of a rotating arm and a vertical pole. They can be used on a range of heavy products such as ships, equipment, machinery and moulds. The counterweight blocks are manufactured using high density tungsten alloys as the main raw material because of their higher density, corrosion and oxidation resistance. They are also larger, lighter, more flexible and have a longer service life.

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The use of counterweights is used as a way of maintaining balance. Their weight is generally calculated according to the strength of the machine itself and must not be too heavy or too light. If it is too heavy, there is a high risk of damage to the strength of the vehicle when lifting the weight; conversely if it is too light, there is a high risk of rollover. In order to make the vehicle more versatile, some large tonnage cranes have removable counterbalance blocks. When lifting small tonnage materials, the crane can be hung with less or no counterbalance blocks. However, it should be noted that when lifting large tonnage goods, the balancing blocks must all be hung, and even overweight devices must be added to prevent accidents from occurring and causing irreparable consequences. This shows the importance of tungsten alloy counterweight blocks.

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