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Features and Application of Tungsten Carbide Ball

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Features and Application of Tungsten Carbide Ball

Cemented carbide ball, commonly known as tungsten steel ball, refers to ball and bead made of tungsten carbide. The production process mainly includes the mixture preparation, forming, sintering, grinding and quality testing. The quality control of each process will affect the final product performance and quality stability. 

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Carbide ball has high hardness, high wear resistance, good chemical stability and thermal stability, mainly used in the petrochemical industry valve ball, special bearing ball, testing instrument measuring head ball, electric tools and die ball, widely used in precision machinery, aerospace, military defense, petrochemical and other fields.If you want to purchase or customize tungsten steel balls such products, choose a company that controls the quality strictly.

Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of cemented carbide raw materials. It has its own customized factory for processing cemented carbide non-standard parts. The material standard is carried out according to the national GB/T18376.3-2001, which is higher than the industry standard.

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