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Carbide Spikes on Hiking Shoes

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Carbide Spikes on Hiking Shoes

Tungsten carbide anti-skid spikes are mainly used in cold and humid areas for car tires, hiking shoes and boots, ski poles, etc. According to different uses and inset groove types, their specifications have different requirements, but the material is mainly have wear-resistant, low-temperature resistance, high hardness and other characteristics. The main market for non-slip spikes products is East Asia, North America, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and other places. 

Today, let's learn about shoe spikes.

On rock surface and bottom of the river, wet clay, rolling on snow or ice difficult sport conditions such as rain, even trained tourists, climbers or travelers, you could easily slip and hurt, let alone a common person, if you need to play in life or a similar environment, of course, want to put shoes spikes.

With tungsten carbide studs embedded in the shoes, you can easily overcome waterproof obstacles and move on mossy rocks or slippery river bottoms. Cemented carbide anti - slip spikes will provide you with super grip. For effective anti-slip, it is recommended to install 10-14 spikes per boot; 6 to 10 spikes on the toe and 4 spikes on the heel. No need to worry about installation, Zhuzhou jinxin carbide spikes are easy to install, you can easily screw the spikes yourself. 

Taking the construction group company as the development blueprint, Jingxin Group will focus on the development of cemented carbide, mining machinery, engineering tools, auto parts, new energy, and leisure sports equipment industries.



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