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Carbide Rod


Product Description

Carbide rods, tubes, plates ,made from 100% virgin tungsten cemented carbide raw materials.

Carbide rod can be used in wide application field. Jinxin Carbide rods,tubes,plates have high hardness, good red hardness,excellent wear resistance, High Elasticity Modulus and compressive strength.The chemical properties of our tungsten carbide rods or cemented carbide rods,tubes and plates is stable,also the impact toughness & dialatation coefficient is low. The heat-conducting property and electrical conductivity of tungsten carbide rods,tubes and plates is close to iron or iron alloy.   


Cemented carbide rod is a very good material to produce the parts to resist high temperature & corrosion, also this carbide rod is widely used as wear parts and shielding parts. We provide you high quality with cemented carbide rod/ solid carbide rod/ carbide round bar which can enhance your productivity and save your cost.


Solid cemented carbide rods can be used for making end mills, various drill bits, automobile special cutter,  engine special cutters, horology,processing special cutters, integral vertical milling cutter, graver and etc.


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