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Can I Remove Studs From Tires?

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Can I Remove Studs From Tires?

While it is safe to remove studs from tires, a lot of care should be applied to the process and, in most cases, should be left to a professional.

For starters, after removing studs, make sure you check for punctures. Each tire could carry up to 100 studs, so ensure you’re thorough during this step.

Tires whose studs have been removed don’t tend to last as long, especially if they’re winter tires that aren’t adapted for use outside of very low temperatures.

To avoid any unforeseen issues that could result from this process, it is best that you keep the studs on the tires and instead swap the tires themselves out.

This way, you can have a set of wheels for the different seasons and when winter rolls back around, all you have to do is install the dedicated set of wheels.

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